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My name is Katie and my current occupation is being a Jazz DJ for my college radio station.
I am a Music Addict who wants to bring you all of my favorite songs and artists to one place. Some day I would love to work in the music industry as an A&R or a Radio DJ at BBC Radio 1 (hint hint).
I love finding new bands and sharing them with everyone! If you want to see your favorite band or artist on my Playlist just send me a message!

Lola Cove - ‘Breathe’

Give this a little listen :)

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Anonymous asked: i'm insulted i thought i was the actual best you loser


Sorry x

I can have multiple Bests! No discrimination here :)

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Actual best

Courtofchaos is my favorite person ever. And no, they haven’t taken my computer to say this.

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Long years ago,you were a child painting pictures,and running in the snownow you’re a ghostof a person that you used to knowso wellAbove The Underground - Bring Me The Sun


Long years ago,
you were a child painting pictures,
and running in the snow
now you’re a ghost
of a person that you used to know
so well

Above The Underground - Bring Me The Sun

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Do it five-four-three-two one more time.

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If you don’t believe, it can’t hurt you.

Nothing But Thieves - Graveyard Whistling

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Jay McGuiness - Beacon Theatre, NYC - 4/11/14

Please do not steal these images. They were taken by me.

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The struggle I’m faced with right now: eating cereal with a spork. 

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